Environmental Policy Graduate Seminar

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Schedule of Topics & Classes

 Session 1

August 21

Chapter 1 (Rosenbaum): After Earth Day  
Session 2

August 28

Chapter 2 (Rosenbaum): Making Policy: The Process  
 Session 3 (First Short Paper Due)

September 4

Chapter 3 (Rosenbaum) Making Policy: Institutions and Politics  
 Session 4

September 11

Chapter 4 (Rosenbaum): Common Policy Challenges: Risk Assessment and Environmental Justice  
Session 5 (Second Short Paper Due)

September 18

Chapter 5 (Rosenbaum): More Choice: The Battle Over the Regulatory Economy  
 Session 6

September 25

Chapter 6 (Rosenbaum): Command and Control in Action: Air and Water Pollution Regulation  
Session 7 (Third Short Paper Due)

October 2

Chapter 7 (Rosenbaum): A Regulatory Thicket: Toxic and Hazardous Substances  
Session 8

October 9

Chapter 8 (Rosenbaum): Energy: Nuclear Dreams, Black Gold, and Vanishing Crude  
 Session 9

October 16

Chapter 9 (Rosenbaum): 635 Million Acres of Politics: The Battle for Public Lands  
 Session 10 (Comprehensive Exam Distributed)

October 23

Chapter 10 (Rosenbaum): Climate Change, Domestic Politics, and the Challenge of Global Policymaking  
 Session 11 (Comprehensive Examination Due)

October 30

Student Policy Research Presentations: Topics: EPA & Clean Air/Water Acts;  Love Canal; Environmental Justice; (Layzer Chapters 2 -4)  
 Session 12  

November 6

Student Policy Research Presentations: Oil Versus Wilderness; Grazing Policy on Federal Land; Jobs Versus the Environment;  (Layzer Chapters 5-7)  
 Session 13

November 13

Student Policy Research Presentations: Playgrounds or Paradise; New England Fisheries Climate Change (Layzer Chapters 8-10)  
 Session 14

November 20

Student Policy Research Presentations: Cape Wind (Wind Turbines); Trade Versus the Environment; Wise Use (Layzer, Chapters 11-13)  

Thanksgiving Break

 Session 15

December 4

Student Policy Research Presentations: Market-Based Environmental Solutions; Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem Management; Urban Sprawl; Hurricane Katrina (Layzer, Chapters 14-18)