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 EVR 2264

Summer C

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Seidler Hall 212



(239) 405-4164 (Cell)

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Session 1

May 11-21

Chapter 1&2

Preview of Environmental Health and Science & Methods

Understanding Environmental Health


Session 2

May 22-28

Chapter  3

Living With Nature

Understanding Environmental Health






Session 3

May 29-June 4

Chapter 4 

Producing Energy

Understanding Environmental Health



Session 4

June 5-11

Chapter 5 

Producing Manufacturing Goods

Understanding Environmental Health



Session 5

June 12-18

Chapter 6 

Producing Food

Understanding Environmental Health






Session 6

June 19-25

Chapter 7

Living in the World We've Made

Understanding Environmental Health

Session 7

June 26 - July 2

Unknown Quantities

Weinhold, Bob (2012) "Unknown Quantities: Regulating Radionuclides in Tap Water, " Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 120, No. 9, p. A351-A356.





Session 8

July 3-9

Food From Earth

Wendee, Nicole (2013) "Food from Earth: Sustainable Farming in Action,Environmental Health Perspectives. Vol. 121, No. 7, p. A213-A219.





Session 9

July 10-16

To Label or Not to Label

Dahl, Richard (2012) "To Label or Not to Label: California Prepares to Vote on Genetically Engineered Foods,"Environmental Health Perspectives. Vol. 120, No. 9, p. A359-A361

Comp Exam Distributed



Session 10

July 17-20

Comp Exam Due



Course assignments and schedule, course objectives, and grading weights and criteria may change as circumstances dictate and at the discretion of the instructor.