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Collaborative Environmental Activism & Leadership


 EVR 4930

Session 6

Session 6

Environmentalism as Householding

Nested Ecology

Chapter 7


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Answer all of the following study questions and email the attached questions and answers in Word of rtf format to the instructor by Canvas email no later than 5 pm on Sunday the last day of Session 6. In the beginning of your emial message identify the class session for the homework being submitted.

Study Questions

1. Describe what is meant by the term "householding."

2. Describe the householding needs of individuals.

3. What is entailed in realizing a sustainable "personal ecology"?

4. Distinguish between "being at home" and "making a home."

5. Describe essential community dimensions of social ecology.

6. Discuss how ecosystem vigor and ecosystem organization contribute to sustainable ecosystems.

7. How does "home economics" relate to social ecology?

8. Explain home economics in relationship to family ecology.

9. Describe some of the characteristics of "healthy and sustainable families."

10. What are basic family householding functions?