June 20 - August 8

The Sheffield Theater


Moorings Park

Naples, Florida

A global search for the roots of the Bible. No single work has shaped Western civilization more than the Bible. In this provocative seven-part series, renowned archaeologist John Romer (Ancient Lives) traces the roots of the world’s most important book in light of archaeological evidence. Who wrote the Bible? Where did the story of creation come from? What can archaeology tell us about Abraham, the Exodus, and Jesus of Nazareth?

Join Romer as he visits dig sites at Jericho, Jerusalem, and elsewhere to uncover the motives and methods of the people who told the sacred story, attacked it, defended it, and transformed it throughout history. For believers and nonbelievers alike, this fascinating journey reveals the Bible not only as a record of historical events, but also as a profound profession of faith that still holds our hearts and minds.

One of the world’s foremost archaeologists, John Romer led the Brooklyn Museum’s expedition to excavate the tomb of Ramesses XI. Since 1979, he has served as president of the Theban Foundation, an organization for the preservation of Egyptian royal tombs.

Episode 1: Once Upon a Time

Episode 2: Chronicles & Kings

Episode 3: Mightier Than The Sword

Episode 4: Gospel Truth

Episode 5: Thine Is The Kingdom

Episode 6: Power & Glory

Episode 7: Paradise Lost