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Collaborative Environmental Activism & Leadership


 EVR 4930

Session 9

The Carolina Thread Trail


Chapter 9


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Answer all of the following study questions and email the attached questions and answers in Word of rtf format to the instructor by Canvas email no later than 5 pm on Sunday the last day of Session 9. In the beginning of your emial message identify the class session for the homework being submitted.

Study Questions:

1. In what ways is the Carolina Thread Trail influenced by the ideas of Omsted?

2. How does the Thread Trail contribute to a sense of "householding" for those who use it?

3. Is there anything about the development of the Thread Trail that reflects principles of participatory or deliberrative democracy?

4. Is there a role for a radical environemtal organization in the development of this (the answer is there is always a potential role), so where might environmental protestors focus their efforts most fruitfully?

5. Who are the "responsibles" in this case study and can environmental radicals ever be construed as "responsibles"? Explain.

6. How might deliberative or participatory democracy be reflected in the Framework for Regional Stewardship?

7. What cricitical role did Voices & Choices play?

8. What role did the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Foundation’s Environmental Committee play in the Thread Trail? Is this an example of participatory democracy? Explain.

9. What outcomes did the Thread Trail promote?

10. What ecopragmatic principles are exemplified in the Thread Trail case study?