Environmental Special Topics:

Collaborative Environmental Activism & Leadership

 EVR 4930

Session 5

Environmental Radicalism Overseas and in the U.S.


Chapters 8 & 10


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Answer all of the following study questions and email the attached questions and answers in Word of rtf format to the instructor by Canvas email no later than 5 pm on Sunday the last day of Session 5. In the beginning of your emial message identify the class session for the homework being submitted.

Study Questions

1. Describe the work of ALF to include their use of firebombs.

2. Go to the web and research the term "Eco-Glasnost" and tell me what it means.

3. What is stimulating environmental radicalism in the former Soviet Union?

4. The Green Party (the "ecological party") has grown in Great Britain and in Europe. Tell me how it has grown and who leads the party in the U.S. You willl need to do some web research on this.

5. Briefly summarize the Green Party Platform here in the U.S.

6. Who are the "rainforest radicals" and what do they do and where?

7. What is "ecological Gandhism"?.

8. In the U.S. what is the principal threat to American forests? Explain.

9. Describe radical and non-radical approaches utilized by environmental groups to protect U.S. forests.

10. Explain the realtionship between "tree-sitters" and loggers.