Environmental Special Topics:

Collaborative Environmental Activism & Leadership

 EVR 4930

Session 14

Coal and Craig Colorado


Chapter 2

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Answer all of the following study questions and email the attached questions and answers in Word or rtf format to the instructor by Canvas email no later than 5 pm on the last day of Session 14 which in this case ends on a Wednesday. In the beginning of your emial message identify the class session for the homework being submitted.

Study Questions:

1. Distant forces in Washington DC and environemtnal groups in Colorado and beyond have forced this crisis upon Craig, Colorado. Describe this crisis and its root causes.

2. In this case study deliberation has been almost completely directed toward environmental issues and not of local economics and jobs. How and why did this happen?

3. From the perspective of locals living in Craig Colorado was deliberative or participatory democracy at work?

4. Ultimately, did curtailing coal use in Colorado achieve its environmental end or did it simply displace pollution to another continent? Explain please.

5. Identify the key stakeholders in this case study.

6. Identify exteriorities and interiorities associated with this case.

7. What role, if any was there for environmental radicalism in this case scenario?

8. This case talks about the policy process working througha set of "conduits." Please describe the conduits discussed in this case.

9. How might the people of Craig, Colorado been better involved in this momentous economic and environmental decision.

10. Who were the "responsibles" in this case?