Environmental Special Topics:

Collaborative Environmental Activism & Leadership

 EVR 4930

Session 1

Introduction to Environmental Radicalism

Rik Scarce, Eco-Warriors

Chapters 1 & 2

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Answer all of the following study questions and email the attached questions and answers in Word of rtf format to the instructor by Canvas email no later than 5 pm on Sunday the last day of Session 1. In the beginning of your emial message identify the class session for the homework being submitted.

Study Questions

1. Who are the radical environmentalists?

2. What is the Eco-Wall?

3.What role does environmental radicalism play?

4. How does Rik Scarce argue that sabatoge and non-violence should be applied?

5. What does Scarce refer to in chapter one when he speaks of Luddites?

6. What are the roles grassroots environmental justice groups play?

7. Radical environmentalists don't percieve themselves as agressors but defenders of nature. Explain their rationale.

8. What is "muddling through" and why do radical enviromentalilst groups dislike this approach?

9. Likewise, why do eco-warriors take issue with pragmatic approaches?

10. Explain how the movement occurred from "conservationism" to "environementalism"? What changed?