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Environmental Program Evaluation

Session 1

January 8-14

Introduction to Program Evaluation:

Boulmetis & Dutwin, Ch1; Emison, Ch1; NOAA Evaluation Guide p. 2-7 and EPA/NCEI Guidelines for Evaluating an Environmental Program, p. i-v and p. 1-6; CDC Workbook, p.1-4; Kirkpatrick's Four-Level Training Evaluation Model; CDC Types of Evaluation (Summary)


Session 2

January 15-21

The Landscape of Program Evaluation

Emison, Ch2; CDC Framework on Program Evaluation in Public Health; Kelogg Evaluation Handbook, Ch1-3


Session 3

January 22-28

Clients & Stakeholders

Boulmetis & Dutwin, Ch3; Emison, Ch3; EPA/NCEI Guidelines for Evaluating an Environmental Program, Ch2; CDC Workbook, p. 6-9; RWJ Guide p. 8-20.


Session 4

January 19 - February 4

Program Evaluation Plan Development

EPA/NCEI Guidelines for Evaluating an Environmental Program, Ch1; Boulmetis & Dutwin, Ch2,4;8; CDC Workbook, p. 12-37.


Session 5

February 5-11

Program Evaluation Models

Boulmetis & Dutwin, Ch5; EPA/NCEI Guidelines for Evaluating an Environmental Program, Ch3-5; Rainbow Program Evaluation Framework; Kelogg Evaluation Handbook, Ch3-5; Zarinpoush, Fataneh (2006) "Project Evaluation Guide for Nonprofits: Module 4."


Session 6

February 12-18

Logical Program Evaluation Model

University of Wisconsin-Extension, Developing a Logical Model p. 1-140; (Online Logic Model Course); Logical Model Slides; Kellogg Logic Development Model p. 1-48.


Session 7

February 19-25

Developing Evaluation Questions

RWJ Guide, p12-28; NSF User Friendly Handbook, Part III (Chapter 6); Mora & Friedlander on Case Study Evaluations


Session 8

February 26 - March 4

Data Sources & Analysis

Boulmetis & Dutwin, Ch6-7; Emison, Ch4; Taylor-Powell & Steele; GAO Quantitative Data Analysis Introduction


Spring Break

Week of March 5 - 11

Session 9

March 12 - 18



Writing a Program Evaluation Proposal

Taylor-Powell, Steele, Sara & Doughlah, M. (1996) Planning a Program Evaluation; Program Evaluation Proposal (Example); Guadalupe Corral (2014) Writing an Evaluation Plan; Arnold Committee Report 1996; FGCU's University Colloquium Course (IDS 3920) found on the course website; Colloquium Course Syllabus Formats used by selected instructors in 2004, 2008 and 2012, (3) the W.W. Kelogg Foundation Framework and (4) the Evaluation Criteria found in FGCU's first Quality Improvement Plan (QEP).


Proposed Internship Site and Program Evaluation Topic Due by March 25


Session 10

March 19-25

Monitoring and Evaluation

Emison, Ch5-8; EPA/NCEI Guidelines for Evaluating an Environmental Program,Ch5-6; Yuma & Beaudry (World Bank 2007) Monitoring & Evaluation

Session 11

March 26 - April 1


Program Evaluation Reporting & Commincating

Catholic Relief Services (2008) "Communicating and Reporting on An Evaluation,"Communicating Evaluation Results;" W.K. Kelogg Evaluation Handbook, p. 96-99; National Center for Homeless Education Brief on Communicating Results, Zarinpoush, Fataneh (2006) "Program Evaluation Guide for Nonprofits: Module 4," Imagine Canada; Michaud, Mary (2002) "Tips on Preparing a Conference Poster,"

Session 12

April 2-8


Ethical Considerations

"Ethical Issues;" AEA Guiding Principles; Designing for Results: Integrating Monitoring and Evaluation in Conflict Transformation Programs; - Chapter 11; Research, Risk-Benefit Analyses and Ethical Issues - A guidance document for researchers complying with requests from the European Commission Ethics Reviews

Session 13

April 9-15


Evaluating a New Solar Community

Babcock Ranch Solar Plan; Edward Helmore of The Guardian (2016) "The Solar-Powered Town: A Dream for the Environment or a Wildlife Nightmare?" Environmental Overview: Babcock Ranch; Natallie Geiling of Think Progress (2016) "This Florida Town Wants to Become the Most Sustainable Community in America," Babcock Ranch (Kitson) v. Sierra Club and Petitioners Settlement; Regional Impact Report: Babcock Ranch (2006); Babcock Ranch History (slides); Babcock Ranch Development Plan (You will need to rotate these slides to read them); Babcock Ranch Hydrological Assessment; State Babcock Ranch Purchse; Babcock Ranch Purchase; Babcock Ranch Website; Sustainable Community Development Guidelines


Session 14

April 16-27


Program Evaluation Plan Due April 27 at 5:00 pm